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There are volunteer opportunities for Greeters, Paper Tax Preparers, E-File Tax Preparers, Translators, Tax Transmitters, and Vita Site Coordinators.
While some of these opportunities require knowledge of tax laws, there are many opportunities to volunteer for those who are not familiar with the tax laws.
An E-file site is a location with computers to create E-files.   A non E-File site is a location without computers,  and the returns are prepared by hand on the IRS paper forms.   The VITA program owns a limited number of laptops loaded with the Taxwise program.   Some facilities include desktop computers networked together.  If you provide your own laptop which you are willing to use for preparing E-files at the site, you have just made your location an E-file site.  Shared printers and supplies will be provided by VITA program at an E-File site.   After the return is created, it is sent to the IRS by a Volunteer transmitter.
Greet Taxpayers
Make sure they are comfortable while they wait
Paper Tax Preparers
Must be certified as VITA Tax Preparers for 2003 returns
Interview Taxpayer
Fill tax forms by hand and use a calculator or mental arithmetic to do the computations
Return everything back to the Taxpayer for signature and mailing

San Jose Area Vita Locations

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E-File Tax Preparers
Must be certified as Vita Tax Preparers for 2003 returns
Must attend the Taxwise 2003 E-File Class
Interview Taxpayer
Enter the tax information into Taxwise program in the computer
Generate an E-File
Get signatures for E-filing
Must be bilingual - since there are people with so many different ethnic backgrounds, there is probably a place for any volunteer who speaks two languages.
Help to interview Taxpayer when the Taxpayer is not familiar with the language of the Tax Preparer
Do not need to pass the Vita Tax Test 2003
In some cases are spouses of the volunteers
Tax Transmitters
Must be certified as Vita Tax Preparers for 2003 returns
Receive E-Files from Tax Preparers (usually on diskettes)
Transmit batch of E-files to the IRS and the State
Be ready to accept acknowledgements
Site Coordinators
Are responsible for overall smooth functioning of the site
Make sure that copies of required paperwork for E-files are submitted to the IRS office in a timely fashion

The primary purpose of this site is to provide a resource for timely communication between the IRS VITA coordinator, the VITA volunteers and the VITA volunteer coordinators in Santa Clara County.

The secondary purpose of this site is to provide site information to taxpayers needing the services.

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