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01:47:37 Nice video of a very cute VITA volunteer. No one even got a paper cut. What were those stickers she stuffed in the envelopes? I know parents can never get enough kid videos, but someday when you advance to video editing, you could make us a one-min video of the highlights. I wonder what made her stay on task so well? It sure takes a lot of patience to be a parent. Cheers, Carol

08:54:02 Thanks for the useful site. Keep up the good work. God bless you and keep you. -John-

03:15:35 You've got a great site here. I had tried going through the site for more volunteer info, and it is pretty hopeless. Your site pinpoints the needed info and directs one to the right resources on the site. My compliments on your work here. Thanks for your efforts! Don

Don, Thanks for the kind words. Comments such as yours are encouraging because it indicates that the site is useful and provides a reason for adding more information and expansion with limited resources. Although it would be great to publish guest book comments immediately, the large number of inappropriate postings received would only drown out comments like yours.

Best wishes, Webmaster

18:48:36 I'm a librarian at the Milpitas Library and I'd like to commend you for your great service to our community! Thank you all so much for your selflessness and civic and human spirit! Susan Wright

14 Apr 2005
Dear Susan, Thank you for your kind words. You might be interested in noting that the Mayor's visit to recognize the effort of the VITA Milpitas Community Library is also documented on this site, and may be reached by going to the home page.

Best Wishes, Webmaster

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