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Certification and training to prepare taxes for the VITA program are different from certification and training to prepare taxes for pay.  Experienced paid tax preparer may not need the training, but still need to be VITA certified, by taking a multiple choice open book test.

Free Tax Preparation Training for the VITA program is given by the IRS as well as various partner organizations.  The minimum requirement for a Volunteer Tax Preparer in VITA is satisfactory completion of an open book text related to tax law. Free Tax preparation training is offered to help pass this exam.  All new tax preparers are urged to take the TaxWise software training if they have not already done so, since that is the tax software provided and supported by VITA to the different sites.

In Santa Clara County, IRS approved classroom training is at the United Way and Catholic Charities during November and December 2009, and at the IRS Building in San Jose during January 2010.  First time preparers are strongly urged to attend classroom training to learn the details of tax law.   Returning preparers may find it more convenient to do self study or online study at the IRS Link & Learn site.

Additional training is provided to enhance the skill levels of volunteers.

Tax Law Training
TaxWise E-File Training
TaxWise Transmitter Training
Additional Training

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