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Income Tax Returns prepared FREE!!
by Govt trained Volunteers
Low Income, Disabled, Elderly, or
Non-English Speaking Persons
Churches, Libraries,Schools,
Community Centers, or Senior Centers
Get all eligible special credits and deductions!

San Jose Area Vita Locations

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VITA volunteers are not paid to do taxes; they do it because they want to help people, so please do not consider that it is your right to have service to your satisfaction.
While the volunteers try to be helpful, please note that it is likely that most  will not be able to get all the deductions and credits for a taxpayer who has $100k in income.
Please do not argue with volunteers about the unfairness of the tax laws; whether or not they agree with the fairness of the laws,  they cannot change the laws.
Please remember that VITA volunteers cannot provide tax advice.  They can prepare returns based on the information provided to them.

The primary purpose of this site is to provide a resource for timely communication between the IRS VITA coordinator, the VITA volunteers and the VITA volunteer coordinators in Santa Clara County.

The secondary purpose of this site is to provide site information to taxpayers needing the services.

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