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You are here to volunteer for VITA.  You may be interested in helping others, learning more about taxes to prepare your own a little better, want to get into the tax preparation business, or have too much free time.  Here are some reasons quoted by past volunteers:

  • Satisfaction of helping people who are unable to get tax breaks and benefits the qualify for because they cannot afford to go to a paid preparer for help.
  • Get trained in tax law, learn how to interact with the public, and improve own tax returns.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of a group of really nice helpful people.
  • Gain experience in preparing taxes to start a new career.
  • Bridge communication gap between tax payer and VITA volunteers if you are multi-lingual.

Whatever your reason, realize that this is only your first step in the volunteering process.

Different sites, counties and regions recruit and train volunteers differently, and sometimes in multiple ways.  There is no single solution for everybody. Site coordinators may recruit new volunteers, contact past volunteers, and/or rely on local, regional or national for-profit and non-profit organizations.  If you come across such outreach efforts, following up may be the most effective approach.

If you do not come across any of these outreach efforts, you can try to contact the IRS directly by phone.  However, many have found this to be a long and involved process.

This site offers to get your name directly to the IRS.   Originally it took sign-ups for volunteers serving in Santa Clara County, Ca. However, the large number of volunteers interested in serving in other counties who needed information and filled those forms caused a problem for the local IRS office.  Now your contact information, comments and preferences are automatically emailed to VITA headquarters, and  eventually find their way to the local IRS office and then to the group in charge of volunteers, or to site coordinators, for further action.  The website and webmaster do not get involved in the distribution or assignment of volunteers to sites.

Some site coordinators in Santa Clara county who know the webmaster personally requested that inquiries of interested volunteers be sent directly to them as well.  The webmaster will email the inquiries to VITA headquarters and to the site coordinator directly if the potential volunteer so chooses, but generally will not track what happens in each case.  This service is offered to a limited number of site coordinators in all counties who request it and whose identity and site are verified by the IRS. 

Additional information relevant to volunteers in Santa Clara County is also provided on this website.  The webmaster will put up training schedules and site listings from other sites or institutions upon request.

Still interested? 


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