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TaxWise Training is training to use the TaxWise Software Package.  The type of training recommended depends on the site to which you are assigned.

The traditional Taxwise training is for Desktop TaxWise.   TaxWise software is installed on the PC, and taxes are prepared on the desktop, either standalone, or on a Networked TaxWise.  An Internet connection is not required for preparation of the Tax Return.  The return can be printed to be filed as a paper return, or transmitted from a single transmitting computer for the site.

TaxWise Online is browser based, with nothing to install.  It works on Internet Explorer, and is not supported on other browsers.  Returns are stored on TaxWise servers on the Internet, and transmitted from there, without a special step of transmitting by an E-file transmitter.   It requires a high speed connection to the internet and can be accessible from any PC which meet the requirements.  It cannot be used without an internet connection.

TaxWise Training is not provided at the IRS building.

In order for training to be effective, you must have basic computer competency and knowledge of tax law.  Basic computer competency means knowing how to start the computer, bring up windows, familiarity with Windows XP or Windows VISTA, the ability to log in to Windows, and knowing how to use the mouse and/or the touch pad, PDF for reading documents, and sending documents to be printed. The training is in how to use the software to prepare returns, and does not teach tax law.  Without basic computer competency and tax law knowledge, you will not gain much from the class, and slow down the other students.

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