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Information about non-Santa Clara County Sites

This website was originally developed for volunteers in Santa Clara County sites in California, and it has received visits from all around the United States by potential volunteer Tax Preparers wanting to offer their services.  Such overwhelming interest says a lot about the selfless way that people want to serve others.

However, this website does not have a definitive listing of all the sites in the US that can be properly organized and kept up to date.  That information can be obtained by calling the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or contacting the State Income Tax Office of the City you are interested in.  Alternatively, you may want to call your local IRS office. Or you can use a search engine to find what you want  -- except you may get several hundred thousand listings which you can't go through.  For that reason, a Custom Search Engine II was developed to search over a limited number of sites and documents relating to VITA.  The websites added to the Custom Search Engine are typically determined by the cities for which visitors are looking for information, and sometimes, from the city from which the visit occurred.

San Jose Area Vita Locations

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2009 VITA Sites and Times

2009 Santa Clara County VITA sites and Coordinators
(this information is the most recent available from the IRS VITA Contact)
Site Name Coordinator Email
Acorn San Jose Marisa Salas MS@vita-volunteers.org
Campbell Library Allison Redington AR@vita-volunteers.org
Cathedral of Faith Michael Adams MA@vita-volunteers.org
Catholic Charities/Eastside Arely Valeriano AV@vita-volunteers.org
Catholic Charities/Serra Cottage Arely Valeriano AV@vita-volunteers.org
Catholic Charities/Seven Trees Minh-Hoang Pham MP@vita-volunteers.org
Catholic Charities/Zanker To Lam TL@vita-volunteers.org
County of Santa Clara Horst Raisch HR@vita-volunteers.org
Cupertino Library-ASPIRE Vacant Vacant  
Cupertino Library-ASPIRE Carlos Camino CC2@vita-volunteers.org
Dr Martin Luther King Jr Library Horst Raisch HR@vita-volunteers.org
Educational Park Library Closed -------------
Gavilan College/Library 101A Gloria M Luna GL@vita-volunteers.org
Gilroy One Stop Teresita de la Pena Td@vita-volunteers.org
Hillview Library Sally Chiang SC@vita-volunteers.org
InnVision Georgia Travis Center John Heck JH@vita-volunteers.org
InnVision Georgia Travis Center Catheryn Garrison CG1@vita-volunteers.org
Jewish Family Services of SV Zoya Lazer ZL@vita-volunteers.org
Jewish Family Services of SV Caroline Golpashin CG@vita-volunteers.org
Lundy Post Office Vijay Reddi VR@vita-volunteers.org
Milpitas Community Library Shahid Mujtaba SM@vita-volunteers.org
Most Holy Trinity Church Flor Rea Bautista FB@vita-volunteers.org
River of Life Family Church Zoraida Conyers ZC@vita-volunteers.org
River of Life Foundation Tom Woo TW@vita-volunteers.org
San Jose Library - Cambrian Branch Cheerlan Chang CC1@vita-volunteers.org
San Jose Library - Cambrian Branch Evelyn Fong EF@vita-volunteers.org
San Jose State University Closed ----------
Santa Clara City Library-VITA Yi Yun (Rita) Wan YW@vita-volunteers.org
Santa Maria Urban Ministry Lewis Pollard LP@vita-volunteers.org
Star One Credit Union KK Rao KR@vita-volunteers.org
Tzu Chi Foundation Robert Chang RC@vita-volunteers.org
Tzu Chi Foundation Raul Ayson RA@vita-volunteers.org
Tzu Chi Foundation Steve Hsu SH@vita-volunteers.org
Tzu Chi Foundation Julie Lin JL1@vita-volunteers.org
Work2Future One Stop-San Jose Liz Lison LL@vita-volunteers.org

The primary purpose of this site is to provide a resource for timely communication between the IRS VITA coordinator, the VITA volunteers and the VITA volunteer coordinators in Santa Clara County.

The secondary purpose of this site is to provide site information to taxpayers needing the services.

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Information on this site is obtained from sources considered reliable, but not guaranteed  accurate.  The purpose is to inform only; for advice and decisions, please refer to the official IRS website http://www.irs.gov. Comments regarding this web site should be directed to webmaster@vita-volunteers.org
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