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Selected Santa Clara County Sites

Maps of Frequently Searched Locations




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Las Vegas, Nv

Santa Clara,Ca



San Antonio, Tx




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Information about non-Santa Clara County Sites

This website was originally developed for volunteers in Santa Clara County sites in California, and it has received visits from all around the United States by potential volunteer Tax Preparers wanting to offer their services.  Such overwhelming interest says a lot about the selfless way that people want to serve others.

However, this website does not have a definitive listing of all the sites in the US that can be properly organized and kept up to date.  That information can be obtained by calling the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or contacting the State Income Tax Office of the City you are interested in.  Alternatively, you may want to call your local IRS office. Or you can use a search engine to find what you want  -- except you may get several hundred thousand listings which you can't go through.  For that reason, a Custom Search Engine II was developed to search over a limited number of sites and documents relating to VITA.  The websites added to the Custom Search Engine are typically determined by the cities for which visitors are looking for information, and sometimes, from the city from which the visit occurred.

VITA Volunteers Custom Search Engine II


Available VITA information about your city



Information about Santa Clara County Sites


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